what a girl wants
How my love life works

Sometimes i try to dress and look nice for you. then i forget im just “another one of your friends”

omegle #2


trolling on omegle

omegle added this question thing where u can ask a question and see two ppl talk about ur question. or vis-versa. anyway, i asked:”when does the narwal bacon” no one seems to know the answer…. its quite upsetting…

hello amigos

hello amigos. anyway, extremely pissed currently… TOBY FREAKING TURNER IS GONNA B IN TORONTO AND IM STUCK HERE IN OTTAWA!!!! HE IS DOING A COMEDY SHOW THERE!!!!!!!!!! gah. on to other news. i, was tweeted, retweeted, replied once on instagram and twice maybe three times on youtube by Chrisislame90 who is awesome and hilarious and i love him. he made my… week? ya, my week. i had a fangirl moment for intotal a day and its still going on. i love youtube… ahhhhh the internet 

mont tremblant!

im having so much fun on my trip. although it is only 2 hours away from were i live, its pretty fun! lots of
swimming, and making bracelets. i will post picture of my bracelets… soon


My new fave song: WE are never ever getting back together. idk y. i havent experienced it but its such a good beat and i love taylor. as people say, got boy troubles? theres a taylor swift song for that. 

if gobstoppers could last 4ever

if gobstoppers could last 4ever


School starts in two weeks. So… whats the problem? HIGH SCHOOL! Finally something ive waited 9 years for and now its here? whats to be scared of? EVERYTHING! reputation, how i look, will i get lost, will i show up to the wrong class? what if i loss all my things… what if my ipod or phone gets stolen? SO MUCH STUFF TO WORRY ABOUT! hopefully, things will get much better as it goes. i mean, whjat could go wrong. i’m going to an arts school and getting to do something i love. ACTING. whats to be scared of…. right?

My youtube channel

So lately i created a youtube account. Its going… meh. I have 3 subscribers. I just wish more people would appreciate my ideas. idk who sees this so… just, watch and subscribe to my channel. it would make me super dooper happy!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/mrsgigglegirl10/feed?filter=2 thats my channel. 

http://www.youtube.com/user/mrsgigglegirl10/feed?filter=2 this is a video of me improving a song. yup


My mind has exploded. With ideas for the new school year. for boys. for fanfictions. ive just been ashdfgldfhgldhsfgsdfgh. everything is happening so fast. dear life, please slow down. i like whats going on now!